Cruelty Free: LUSH Cosmetics

In this crazy world of convenience, we often time get caught up on what is in front of us.  We are less likely to seek out what is better and more likely to seek out what is the most convenient.  I, myself, have been a victim of the cult of convenience.  Ok, I’ll stop using that word!  This is especially true for our cosmetics and toiletries.  I know that I got in a rut of buying a popular drugstore brand because I could get it anywhere.  If I forgot it at home while traveling, no worries, because I can get it anywhere.  However, what I managed to push out of my mind is that those products were tested on animals.  And before I knew it; my cabinets and makeup bag were filled with products that were tested on living, breathing beings.  Not my cup of tea, and it shouldn’t be yours either.

As I was having this epiphany, in walks the savior, LUSH Cosmetics.  Their products are 100% Cruelty Free and Vegetarian.  They are also keen on naked and recycled packaging.  They are also ethical buyers and their products are handmade.  Why is this company so important?  They are important because they believe in what every company should believe in.  For most of your cosmetic needs, they have you covered.  They have everything for hair care, skin care, bath bombs, bubble bars, deodorant, the list goes on.  I have to say that I am a proud Lushie, and it just makes me feel good.

Here is a list of some of my favorite items you could add to your first LUSH Haul.

1.  Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar – $10.95 – This lasts forever.  Especially if you don’t have super long hair.

2.  Veganese Conditioner – $19.95 for the 8.4oz container – One of their lighter conditioners.

3.  Charity Pot – $6.95 for the small size.  This is my favorite lotion of theirs.  Plus part of the proceeds goes to charity.

4.  Fresh face mask – $6.95 – The best for my sensitive and acne prone skin is Cosmetic Warrior.  Don’t let the garlic scare you.

5.  Bath Bombs – $5-$12

*Avobath – Has a bit of a citrusy smell

*Big Blue – Just think ocean

*Dragon’s Egg – Citrus smelling goodness with some sparkle

*Tisty Tosty – Floral.  One of my favorites.

*Honey Bee – Toffee smelling goodness.  Combine with Sunnyside.

6.  Bubble Bars (most are good for 2 or more uses) – $6-$12

*Sunnyside – Citrusy. Sparkly. Combine with Big Blue and it creates a “Mermaid Bath”

*Amandopando – Floral and gorgeous.  Combine with Avobath (fresh) or Tisty Tosty (luxurious).

*Brightside – Another citrusy one.  I usually combine this one with Dragon’s Egg for a morning bath.

This is definitely a company one can get behind.  Even if you don’t incorporate LUSH products into your every day, at least think of them when you have to give someone a special gift that you can feel good about.  I’ve included their website below.







Waste Free, Cruelty Free, Everything Free

I posted a couple months ago about my quest to become waste free.  Since then, I’ve had to buy a bigger recycling bin.  I’ve been diligent about recycling what I can and have even attempted to up cycle things like yogurt containers (I still haven’t found a use for those, but still thinking).  I’ve also been diligent about buying in bulk and bringing my own coffee in the morning.  

Becoming more conscious about the world around me has caused a realization of sorts.  Does it end at simply reducing waste?  Or is that only a singular way to help the environment?  How else could I improve my environment? 

That brings me to the issue of Cruelty Free.  I used to be one of those idealistic kids passing out “Meat is Murder” flyers in Berkeley.  I ate at vegetarian restaurants and protested the circus.  That was me.  However, I didn’t understand a damn thing back then.  Now, roughly 10 years later, that grown up version of myself exists.  And I’ve learned to take a different approach.  

Cruelty Free isn’t just about going vegetarian.  It is about compassion.  The compassion to care about where your stuff comes from.  This is why I pay double the price for ground beef.  I prefer to buy meats that have been humanely grown and slaughtered.  It’s not just meat, it’s an animal who gave its life so I could have dinner.  Now that’s just meat.  There is a much harder thing to control than buying ethically sourced meat.  

Animal Testing.  Something that people rarely think about.  And over the years, I’ve slowly become less diligent about buying cruelty free.  But I just can’t continue.  I must make a change in how I spend my dollars.  Buying cruelty free products is definitely more expensive, but it makes me feel better.  In today’s age of consumerism, we are able to send a message with our dollars.  And I want my dollars to go to companies who are ethical.  From time to time, I will start to highlight products/brands that are ethical companies.  

Until then….

Must Listen:  Ryan Adams – Self Titled

One of the most famous musicians you’ve never heard of is Ryan Adams.  A true artist with a genuine gift, he brings something to the musical landscape that cannot be duplicated.  

I was originally turned onto Ryan Adams by a friend after hearing a cover of one of songs.  And the rest is history.  His music draws you into his world and it makes you never want to leave.  

His latest studio release Ryan Adams is a great rock record.  From top to bottom, it’s brilliant.  My favorite track is My Wrecking Ball (not a Miley Cyrus cover).  A song that exudes so much emotion you don’t want the ride to end.  

Take a listen and enjoy the ride.