Farmer’s Markets:  Support Local Farms

Recently, the Farm-to-Table movement has gained some traction.  Restaurants like Pedalers Fork and food trucks like Guerilla Tacos have been making the farm-to-table concept more accessible across Los Angeles.  However, you don’t need to live in a big city to experience farm-to-table eating. All you need is a farmer’s market. 

I’m extremely grateful that I have one of the best farmer’s markets within 20 miles. Every Sunday, I make my way to The Hollywood Farmer’s Market. With my market basket and 20 bucks in hand, I go from tent to tent, looking for the best produce Southern California has to offer.  

Today, I came upon some great looking strawberries. Since we are almost out of strawberry season, I gladly scooped them up. Usually, I buy 3 baskets, and freeze 2 baskets and eat the other basket fresh.  I asked the farmer if we were approaching the end of season.  Luckily, they have one more harvest.  I mentioned that it’s the saddest time of year; when strawberries are out of season. He mentioned that it is for them too because that’s where the money is; selling berries. 

Now I was doubly sad. And it reminded me of a point in The a Third Plate by Dan Barber. To truly embrace the farm-to-table concept, we cannot dictate as the consumer what the farmers have to offer at the Farmer’s Market.  At some point, consumers became the boss.  Each farm should be able to produce what is best for their farm and the land they work.  This is why I like to support local farms, to give this movement a chance.  This is also why I like to have no set idea of what I will buy. Because if I lock myself into a pre designated list, I might miss out on the offerings that may not be as popular. And if everyone bought what the farmer wants to sell, we can start to turn this thing around.