Must Listen: Nomads by Love & a .38


While so many were flocking to Coachella this weekend, I was home.  And I finally got to dig into the newest album from one of my favorite L.A. bands; Love and a .38.  First, a little love.  I first discovered this band about 3 years ago by accident.  I was at a show for the now defunct Purple Melon.  Love and a .38 was the band before them.  They are rock and roll in all the best ways, and I was hooked.  Now, finally, we have a full length album full of all new songs.  

Every song is fantastic.  And it was worth the wait.  They are Independent by choice, which just adds to what they produce for themselves, and of course, the fans.  They are easy to love for many reasons.  But mostly because the love their fans so much, and they sound amazing.

Nomads could easily rival any rock album in your collection.  Some of my favorite songs are Oh My God (the first single), Abre Las Ojos and Holy War.  But how can you pick just one, when every single one will rock your face off?

Check out the video for Oh My God below.

Oh My God from Love and a .38



Gonna Get a Little Personal

Hello Everyone…

When originally set up, this blog was supposed to be a light and fun take on what I encounter on trips or music that I love.  But it’s gonna get personal.

Normally, we go through our lives without much to worry about. I know I did. My biggest concern was when I was going to Vegas next or the next time Tom Keifer would be in town (huge Cinderella fan). My life was like this: yoga and TRX regularly, clean eating, busy at work, and I had just started training for a half marathon in November. Then, in an instant, everything changed.

It all started with a stomach ache. I was feeling tired lately, but I attributed it to the 2 month Tarantino retrospective that was every Friday at midnight. Then, came the fever, so I thought it was just a stomach flu. Then, before I knew it, I was running a temperature and had the severe stomach ache for 10 days. So, to the ER I went. Because of the temperature, I was admitted and pumped full of antibiotics. After 3 days, I felt better so they discharged me. After an awesome trip to Vegas, the pain came back, along with some other fun stuff. After 5 days of pain and no food and very little fluids, back to the hospital I went. I was still seeing 2 specialists from my first visit so they started more testing. This time I was not going anywhere without a diagnosis. And I got one.

I was diagnosed with lymphoma. In an instant it felt like nothing would be the same. And of course, I was in pure denial. This can’t be. I was healthy. I exercised. I ate right. Healthy people don’t just get sick. Unfortunately, cancer doesn’t care about all that. So there it is…I have cancer.

I have already had my first chemo treatment. And I am currently grappling with my hair falling out. But alas, there is a silver lining. I am very lucky. The kind I have is very treatable and there is an excellent prognosis. I’m not going anywhere yet. I will finish treatment in late summer and I am definitely counting down. I’m grateful for my great doctors and the immense support of my family and friends. I realize not everyone has that. Gratitude keeps the anger and sadness of my illness at bay. And when this is all over, I’ll begin training again for the half marathon.  This is just a detour.

I’m sorry to put it all out there, but I had to get it out there. Thanks for reading all the way to the end. This blog has transformed into something about life in general. I will still post about the usual food, music, etc…just with some real life in between possibly.  Something like this tends to offer a different perspective on the world.